Training hard this year? BCAA combats muscle breakdown, while increasing protein synthesis – essential for the growth of muscle tissue. The inclusion of Citrulline Malate assists in the production of Nitric Oxide to deliver vital nutrients to muscles. Welsh Warrior Supercharged BCAA increases intra-workout performance and reduces muscle fatigue. Welsh Warrior BCAA will also increase energy levels.

If you train hard, and want your supps to work hard… but would rather pay for the correct dosages rather than flashy labels… then you think like us, and we build legends.

No other product has the kind of values per scoop that we do.

Go and compare our BCAA ingredient values to the rest, then you will see why our new product WELSH WARRIOR is becoming such a hit. Take a look at this nutrient profile and you will understand why.

Why load your BCAA powder with cheap stimulants when you can have scientifically proven ingredients?  This is the ideal powder for a pre/post or intra workout drink! Build lean muscle, recover faster, get more energy!.

Supercharged with hardcore dosages and added nutrients that will really help you, we know that our BCAA drink is a great low calorie addition to your regime – meaning you can stay lean and pack on the right kind of mass.

Welsh Warrior by Rob Terry is a 2:1:1 ratio Branched Chain Amino Acid drink designed to supercharge muscle building, training, and performance. L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine have been combined into the scientifically proven ratio of 2:1:1 and further powered by the addition of L-Glutamine, Citrulline Malate and Vitamin B6. These BCAA’s are the perfect edition to a high protein diet and can conveniently be taken either before, during, or after intense activity.