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What Are BCAA’s?

BCAA, known as Branch Chain Amino Acids, are one of the most used supplements in sports nutrition, made from three essential amino acids called Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. BCAA supplements are molecules that combine to form protein. Including them in your diet has been shown to help promote muscle mass, recovery and support the immune system.

When Should I Take BCAA Supplements?

Since BCAA’s fuel the muscles, it makes sense to take WELSH WARRIOR immediately before, during, or after workouts.

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Do you want a low calorie drink suitable for pre, post, and even during workout?

Users of WELSH WARRIOR report:

  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Faster Recovery
  • More Energy

Welsh Warrior has the building blocks for fast recovery, and supercharged lean muscle. Limited time introductory offer. Cheapest on ebay. You will not find this ingredient dosage and profile anywhere else at this price. No gimmicks.

500g, Orange Flavour powder drink.

Due to the generous dosages on this product you can easily get 32 servings out of a single tub! Go and compare our BCAA ingredient values to the rest, then you will see why our new product WELSH WARRIOR is becoming such a hit. Why load your BCAA powder with cheap stimulants when you can have scientifically proven ingredients?

This is the ideal powder for a pre/post or intra workout drink! Build lean muscle, recover faster, get more energy! We BUILD LEGENDS!

Supercharged with hardcore dosages and added nutrients that will really help you.

One serving provides:

  • 4.8g L-Leucine
  • 3.3 L-Glutamine
  • 2.4 L-Isoleucine
  • 2.4 L-Valine
  • 1.35 Citrulline Malate
  • 14mg Vitamin B6

For this price? No kidding. We Build LEGENDS!

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