The LegendSupps movement is picking up speed.  We are extremely proud to announce the signing of the ‘Welsh Warrior’ Rob Terry.

As a pro wrestler, Rob has fulfilled contracts with WWE & TNA and is back on the bodybuilding scene after years of combat including matches in the USA, UK and Japan. Rob Terry is an ideal choice to front LegendSupps – he is one of the largest natural bodybuilders in the world and shares our ethos: no secret ingredients or proprietary blends.


Negotiations began with the Welsh Warrior shortly after we announced the formation of the LegendSupps earlier in the year. These successful negotiations have lead to some exciting developments with our first product.

LegendsSupps manager Scott Felstead comments:

“Rob has been very hands on with the formula of our new Supercharged BCAA powder drink. No one knows about sculpting the body and building lean mass like Rob does. LegendSupps can confirm that our first bodybuilding and fitness supplement has now been formulated and is called Welsh Warrior!”

Welsh Warrior by Rob Terry –  A Supercharged BCAA Powder Drink– is the first in a line of Welsh Warrior supplements by Rob Terry distributed by LegendSupps. It is manufactured in Wales.

This is no ordinary BCAA powder. Welsh Warrior delivers scientifically proven nutrients in abundance. In addition to the generous 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine there are 3 other carefully chosen ingredients. The entire specification for ‘Welsh Warrior’ by Rob Terry can now be found in the Welsh Warrior section at

New LegendSupps, and Welsh Warrior, spokesperson Rob Terry comments:

“When the guys at LegendSupps told me about the brand, it’s direction, and values… I knew I had to be involved.

I’ve worked closely with the team to create a staple product that no hard training athlete should be without. Welsh Warrior fitness is expanding and anyone who takes training seriously should take note of what we are doing at LegendSupps. We are here to build legends!”

Please stay tuned to the website, and social media, for further updates.