BCAA’s – Branched Chain Amino Acids – are often described as the ‘Building Blocks’ of protein.

Amino Acids play an important role in the growth, repair, and recovery of muscle tissues and fibres. Whilst the body makes use of many different types of Amino Acid, much of these are non-essential. In other words the body creates them. Around half of these acids must be obtained by eating foods of supplements that contain them.

In WELSH WARRIOR BCAA, you will find the essential Amino Acids – Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. For convenience, WELSH WARRIOR BCAA is available in a powdered form. Just add water to make a great tasting drink. We recommend taking WELSH WARRIOR immediately after workout to aid in muscle recovery, repair, and growth. However, WELSH WARRIOR BCAA can be consumed before and even during workouts.

Amino Acids travel to the liver and are broken down as fuel or shuttled by the body for muscle repair. BCAA’s, so called due to their molecular structure, bypass the liver and go directly to the muscles for fuelling, building and repairing. Thus, they can be used during a workout for endurance and after for muscle recovery. BCAA’s are more readily absorbed by the body.

Several studies show that BCAA’s, specifically Valine, may contribute to the reduction of serotonin levels, helping to prevent tryptophan from entering the brain as a means of reducing exercise fatigue.

BCAA’s may trigger muscle protein synthesis, and increase insulin levels to create an anabolic environment, creating the proper balance of nutrition, hormones, and metabolic activities required by the human body to begin lean muscle growth.

BCAA’s are also thought to enhance muscle growth by raising growth-hormone levels, whilst reducing cortisol.

Supercharged with hardcore dosages and added nutrients that will really help you, WELSH WARRIOR BCAA is a solid legal supplement that will help you get the best from every workout.

One serving provides:

  • 4.8g L-Leucine
  • 3.3 L-Glutamine
  • 2.4 L-Isoleucine
  • 2.4 L-Valine
  • 1.35 Citrulline Malate
  • 14mg Vitamin B6

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